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Connection tablet to audio interface cables
Connecting Samsung tablet model number S5 e2 zoom h4n the Samsung tablet has one female USB connector the zoom has one female micro b connector the Samsung USB c connector allows for input output of data and voltage power it can also serve as a output for speakers for headphone jack but these two features cannot be done at the same time there are cables that allow for operation of both in a y configuration of a cable is cable has it USB c female output and also a USBC female DAC output for headphones. Can I use a USB c male to insert into one the connectors in the white cable and then on the other end that cable have a micro b USB b cable to connect to the zoom or if this cable that I described is not the OTG cable
This is the cable on Amazon, 480 max data speed rate . 
Is that data speed rate great enough or are there higher data speed rates needed or available

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