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Connection tablet to audio interface cables.
What kind of cable do I need for :

Samsung S5 e tablet

USB c ( has headphone dongle ) no headphone jack.

Samsung tech support says I can't use the audio out through the USB as well as the USB OTG at the same time. 

Zoom h4n pro

USB mini b 

Please use a cable like the one in the second picture here:

and then a regular cable connected to your Zoom. Your tablet may have come with a USB-C to female USB-A adapter already.
Make your own OTG cable.

May one modify a USB C ( male ) to USB A ( female) adapter cable to an OTG cable by step two as described in the link?
No, USB-C has no OTG. It features power or power and data. You need a cable which has power and data. Please do not modify cables!!
Why does it need power and data, as the zoom h4n audio interface has it's power. The power is internal to the zoom h4n as 4 AA batteries or thru an external power adapter of 5 vdc attached to it's dc input?
You will only find cables that have power+data or only power, so this is not an issue

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