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"Failed to start recording/playback" Issue with USB-C and Samsung S10e
Hey everyone,

I'm experiencing the following issue with my Samsung S10e (Android 10):
I'm trying to record the stereo audio output of my Teenage Engineering OP-Z (USB-C Port), a device with a class compliant soundcard built in, into AEMS. I managed to get the signal into the app as I can see the volume meters working when I press play on the OP-Z and the audio track is record ready, but as soon as I try press play or record on the transport, I get an error message: "'Failed to start recording/playback" and "Recording failed" in succession. The play cursor just won't move and record...

Here's what I've tried with no success:
  • My USB-Setup works, as my RME Babyface connects beautifully to the app
  • I've tried direct USB-C connection as well as via OTG, but to no avail
  • I've fiddled with all the settings in the app, disabled MIDI on both the OP-Z and the app
  • It's exactly the same with my older Sony Xperia XCompact smartphone
  • I've tried USB-Debugging mode and disabling auto-routing of USB-Audio in the Android Developer settings
  • Downgraded the firmware on the OP-Z, by the way it works perfectly on a windows computer without driver installation, just via USB-C
I'd love to hear your suggestions, as I'm at my wits' end.
All the best!
I can understand. We have tried a lot as well, but we cannot get the OP-Z to work unfortunately. Perhaps the Android driver works?
Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately not, the android driver doesn't work...

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