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Remote control a device playing UAPP from another device (using the same GUI)
I have read on the  post
that next release to 2.6.6 of UAPP will have the option to remote control the UAPP playing device from another device i.e. a phone.
I have installed the version 5.6.1 on my media player and phone, I try to find a way to control the player from the phone but I cannot find that option.
Could you please advise how this is possible.
That was using UPnP.
(07-14-2020, 04:57 PM)dwrae Wrote: That was using UPnP.
To use UPnP do I have to install on both devices, rendering and remote, the UAPP or a third party software?
You only need to have UAPP installed on the 'target device' (where you have the USB DAC attached to) and you can use any UPnP client on the remote device, but we advise BubbleUPnP.

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