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Some Tidal UI issues on LG V60
Hi, thank you for creating an amazing app. I recently purchased it and I’m impressed and delighted.
There’s a couple of issues that are getting a little annoying as I’m using Uapp more and more. When I’m in Tidal if my phone changes from Vertical to Landscape mode, the Tidal list of songs disappears and I’m left with a blank list. It happens all the time and sometimes if a press/ navigate back it also happens. I have to press back twice and I’m back to the main or Home Screen in Tidal tab of Uapp. 
It’s kind of getting on my nerves as regardless of where I was I need to start at the beginning and wastes time, effort etc.. 
Also, seeking or skipping thru a song on Tidal takes a long time to buffer, longer than Tidal app by far, is this common?
Any help would be appreciated, I’m using latest Uapp update(yesterday) and still the issue is there. I’m on LG v60 North America, Android 10

Thank you, hopefully you’re able to understand me.

The rotation problem cannot be easily solved unfortunately. For the seeking and skipping, please note that the official Tidal app downloads the whole track so seeking is always faster there. Please try with 'Quick start' enabled in the app's network settings to speed things up.

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