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A few stability issues... Not sure if bugs or not...
1) it always crashes when trying to freeze or convert a midi track for "isymphonic orchestra" or "colossus grand". The resulting audio file is either silent, or studdering audio. And in any case, when an audio unit crashes, it never asks me if I want to restart the audio unit. I just have to restart audio evolution. But in no case am I able to get either of these audio units to freeze or convert to audio (they are midi instruments). So I'm having to use AUM to record the audio output from audio evolution, while it plays those tracks one at a time, at normal play speed. It's able to play just one track at a time without crashing. The problem seems to be that when it tries to freeze the track, or when trying to otherwise convert the track to audio, it goes way too fast. Which causes the audio unit to crash. I'm not sure if audio evolution is supposed to control the speed, or if the audio unit is supposed to control the speed, but neither of them seem to bs, so it goes too fast and crashes. I kinda wish there was an option to enable "slow cpu mode", so that track freezing or converting would be done at normal play speed, instead of at maximum speed.

2) for colossus grand in particular, it absolutely will not let me have two tracks of it. If I add two tracks, neither of them will work. Basically, when I first open the project, both tracks still have no piano attached. I have to enter the AU, reelection  the piano, and then it will work for that track. But if I then try to do the same for the second track, the AU won't open and both tracks won't work anymore until I restart audio evolution. So in other words, I can only have one track with that au, which is tolerable since it's a piano, but it means i have to merge all my midi notes into one track.

3) when audio evolution crashed, it gave me a box to type a bug report. I spent 15 minutes writing basically what I wrote here, then I clicked send, and it said I had not given it my email address yet, so it couldn't send it, and that was it. All my text was gone. Lol.

4) is not possible to reduce the velocity of multiple midi notes at once, without basically flattening all their volocities. It would be nice if I could reduce their volocities without losing the fact that some of the notes were louder  than others. In other words, to reduce them all by a percentage rather than forcing them all to be the same, would be better.

5)  Also, in general, the velocity editor is nice to have, but it's really hard drag the bars. I put my finger right on them and somehow my finger misses most of the time, and it scrolls instead.

6) the piano roll editor was really difficult to find, lol. Maybe give it a dedicated button somewhere?

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