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how do you save playlist/track/order/organization preferences in tidal tab?
This is concerning the latest version for Android, using it on both my LG G8, and lgv35 both of which seem to have the same behavior in this regard.

How does one save their playlist and other organization order preferences in the tidal tab?

It seems every time I close the app I have to reorder all of my playlists from the default (by name), to my tidal order (by date). As well I end up having to reorder the tracklists in the playlist to the original order every single time. 

It makes it pretty frustrating especially while driving to use the program, and yet thanks to the digital glair that I get with whatever the chipset is in these LG phones, it really isn't an option if I'm going to listen to music to go through the regular program... many kudos to the developers for making such a comprehensive program for fixing so many different things that digital audio players shouldn't do or should :-).

If for some reason this isn't possible, is it possible to apply or run the tidal app through the renderer, like for instance when on a desktop you can differentiate which audio render or hardware to have tidal utilize for output...?

I've looked this up and I've looked everywhere through this form, although in all fairness I am not that great at searching through the internet anymore (although I do still try and it is still miserable LOL)... figured the only way I might be able to find some answers would be to post here, as it seems like no one is asking this question... which hopefully is encouraging because I'm just missing something really simple.

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