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Time-based "Recently added..."
Hey there,

I've scanned the forum, if this function has been requested in the past, but I did not find any hint. So I dare to request the following function...

I've always loved to playblack the "recently added..." tracks and albums on my ol' iPod Classic. I've configured it to keep the new tracks and albums for 6 weeks in that dynamic playlist.

Now, that I've switched from the iPod to the FiiO M11, been disappointed by the FiiO Music App (in many ways) and luckily found UAPP, I miss the mentioned above function merely. Any chance that a dynamic, time-based "Recently added..." playlist could be added on top to the existing one? Would be nice...


Dat Ei
How is that different to selecting 'View all' of the 'Recently added tracks'?
(08-26-2020, 01:49 PM)dwrae Wrote: How is that different to selecting 'View all' of the 'Recently added tracks'?

As far as I understand the actual implementation of 'Recently added tracks' or 'Recently based albums' those lists contain permanently the latest xx tracks (xx is it 200?) or yy albums (yy is it 50?). That means that those lists are constant as long as you don't add new tracks or albums.

In the iPod implementation one could configure a time span. All tracks that have been added recently within the time span have bee added to the 'Recently added' list. So on one hand there has been no limit for the number of tracks or albums. And on the other hand the content of the list changed automatically, even if you did not add new tracks and albums. If you did not add new tracks or albums within the time span, the list became empty. This behaviour adds a nice dynamic to the 'Recently added...' list.

So what I can imagine, is a software switch, if one likes to use the 'Recently added...' behaviour based of a constant number of tracks or albums, or if one likes to the see a 'Recently added...' list with the tracks and albums added within the last xx days.


Dat Ei
But you only get less, it's purely psychological
(08-27-2020, 11:41 AM)dwrae Wrote: But you only get less, it's purely psychological

I know that I'm getting less, but it is not a psychological aspect only. While tracks and albums getting older, they will vanish from the dynamic playlist (6 weeks have been a good time span for me). In times when you buy only a few new CDs you don't have to listen to the 'old' music on and on. You can concentrate on the new stuff, while still being able to shuffle per random play through the latest tracks.

Dat Ei

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