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Extremely slow SMB access

I tried using UAPP to access my music folder located in a shared folder on a Windows 10 computer in my local network.
I enabled SMB v1 support, since apparently SMB v2 isn't supported by UAPP.
And it does work, however it's extremely slow. Opening a folder takes about 1 minute. And playing something is hopeless.
Feels like I'm on a 9600 baud modem.
At the same time Total Commander from the same device accesses the folder without any issues, both in SMB v1 and v2 modes.
So I suppose it's a bug.
Version is 5.7.2.
It's not a bug. Total Commander does not fetch the meta data of the tracks, it simply lists the file names. How many files do you have per folder?
It could be 10, it could be 20. And it's the same when a folder contains only folders, so shouldn't be fetching any metadata.
I've noticed a similar issue.
However it is with greater numbers of files in a folder.

I can load a folder with a few hundred music files.
They list on the screen, but when I select one to play it can take 5+ minutes for it to start playing.
Once playing, if I forward to a new track it takes almost as long to play the new track.

Is there a work around for this as it is unusable for large numbers of files?
For the delay of playing a next track, you can enable 'Quick start' in the network settings.
(10-29-2020, 11:13 AM)dwrae Wrote: For the delay of playing a next track, you can enable 'Quick start' in the network settings.

Thanks. This works if I hit the next button. However if I select a song two down on the list it takes about 2mins to load for the hundreds of files.
Is this recreating a playlist every time I select a new file?
Yes, but you can speed that up tremendously by switching to the queue view. Since there, all tracks are already loaded. When you click on an item in the Samba view, you are basically telling the app to load the entire folder into the queue and start playback of the selected track. I am not saying this could be optimised, but that's the way it is at the moment.

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