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UI improvement suggestions
The features AEMS currently have are best...But like most of  the users I am so much disappointed about the UI. The UI currently it has is okay for tablet phones. .But there is not much space for arranging song in mobile phone. .It doesn't look good. also the layout is problematic and not user friendly. ...So I have tried to make a full design of AEMS main veiws with screenshots and also added some simple buttons an d features related with them. I haven't removed any feature.. If you like the design, I request you to make it happen...If you have any question, please ask me....I have added the pictures....

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We are sorry to hear you do not like the UI, but your statement that 'most of the users are disappointed about the UI' is simply false.

Your UI design (next to being ugly, sorry) does not hold for even smaller phones and is even more user unfriendly for phone users with the fiddly small buttons on the left side and the removal of quick functions from the top bar.
Actually I couldn't add all the pictures at once because of limit. I am adding here other pictures. The picture quality is bad i know. .I think that's why you couldn't understand what i want to show you...I have edited 11 pictures and I took much time to layout them and all are connected to each other..I haven't removed any button ,just rearranged them ..And it just a demo to show you the basic of my design. ..I feel you are little disturbed on me ...I am sorry for that. My English is not good ,so don't get me wrong ..I'm not understimating your work...Please take a look on the pictures again....

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And the another picture is also added..

Please download all the 11 pictures and take a look deeply on them in landscape mode again ....Some features are hidden like Scroll mode, Quick timeline navigator which was on the bottom right corner previously. ....Thanks for reply. .

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Rasel Miah, I looked at all of your pictures and wanted to tell you that I really like them and find it easy to overlook everything. Maybe we will get some similiar modifications soon!
Allornothing1984,Thank you for your reply. I believe AEMS has the best features but UI layout is not that much well decorated. AEMS should have best UI with its best features. . I wish if the administrator would understand that. ....

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