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Recommend a Tablet?

I'm loving Audio Evolution on my phone, and am now thinking about getting a tablet to try making it my go-to DAW. Would one of you fine people at eXstream recommend a tablet or two that you know is rock solid and low latency based on your testing? What's the best of the best? Perhaps a couple of recommendations - something new and maybe something a little older, in case I need to save money and buy used?

dwrae, do you have any comment on this? I have read through your list of working devices, but if there is a device or two that you've personally found to have performance above most others, please do tell.
Hi Lava,

I have been using Audio Evolution a few times a month with my Galaxy Note 2 phone connected to a Lexicon Alpha using an OTG cable with a pigtail that has a female micro USB that I connect to a charger. 

I only mention  that because I recently bought a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 inch for $209 from Amazon from a company called KLAMP. It's refurbished but as other reviewers have mentioned it looks brand new and I haven't been able to find any flaw. I bought a Samsung Evo 64GB for $18 also on Amazon. I haven't noticed any latency but I monitor using the Alpha so perhaps that's why. I usually record tracks for stereo drums, mono bass, stereo keys, stereo guitar and vocals. It's been working well. 

I rooted the tablet so I could use Viper4Android as the playback driver for music player apps. 

I have checked the Use root tweaks in AE mobile.

It has Kit Kat 4.4 so you have to manually create the com.extreamsd.aemobile folder on the external Micro SD card. I found I had to reboot before AE Mobile could create files in the Project Folders.

The screen is gorgeous and 2560x1600 pixels so the menu elements at the top are a too small but still easy to choose with your finger. The developer should add an option to make the icons bigger. 

I'm not that experienced with Android DAW and would appreciate if any more experienced users could comment on how well Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 works for them.
The Nexus 9 is also nice and latency is reasonable without USB audio device, but there are many tablets that work well.

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