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Parametric EQ unable to set negative gain for any bands.
Hey guys! 

I just got myself an LG G8 along with owning an AKG K545 and I am interested in squeezing the best sound possible. I started digging through UAPP and found about Parametric EQ and AutoEQ's presets. As I started to set the parameters, I realized I just could not set a negative gain on any of the bands. Any ideas how to overcome this issue?
Still works fine here. You are using the second column?
(12-08-2020, 12:21 PM)dwrae Wrote: Still works fine here. You are using the second column?

Oh, so it's the second column, not the third one? Some clarification within the app would have been appreciated (or I didn't look deep enough, however it would be the best in 10-band mode as well). Thank you, regardless! 

Furthermore, do you have any sources for proper AKG K545 parametric EQ values? On AutoEQ's github I could find no corresponding set for this nor AKG K551 which is supposedly based upon. I tried AKG K550 and MKII as well, however it rather mufflers the frequencies than tuning them properly. I would appreciate it!
No, we don't have any figures on any headphones, sorry.

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