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USB Audio Player PRO vs Youtube
I listen music using HiMedia Q10 Pro Media Player (Android 7) connect to DAC using USB Cable.

Whenever I play music using USB Audio Player PRO, it work awesome (no doubt).

But the problem starts when I want to switch over to YouTube app. The Audio Player stuck somewhere not releasing the driver, and YouTube plays like stream engine train and some time's no audio.

I have to reboot my Media Player and carefully touch only YouTube icon (should not touch USB Audio Player PRO).. then YouTube works fantastic in Android Audio layer.

My question why after proper exit, USB Audio Player PRO player not releasing the USB driver.

I found one setting, "Release USB audio driver on Home"... I enabled it... but nothing works.

My requirement, after Quit the audio player properly, the built-in USB Audio Player PRO driver should exit 100%

Please help me to resolve the problem.

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Avalon Ascendant Speakers
Denafrips IRIS DDC
Denafrips Pontus DAC
HI-MEDIA Q10Pro - Android Media Player + 4TB Internal and 5TB External Storage Support.
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