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Fast forward\Rewind
Hi, purchased your wonderful product. But some things don't work.
I use Media Button Reciver (xposed PBMC, smart watch etc) to control the player.
Play\Pause, Next\Previous track work as they should. But Fast Forward\Rewind unfortunately not work. When i press the  button (next or previous), it just switches to the next track.
In other players everything works fine.
I have not found what intents the player can accept for control from media button, for example for volume:

If it's a bug, please can you fix it, if not, please add FF\Rewind functions (and if possible, speed step option) in next releases 
Thank you for you job.
com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayershared.musicservicecommand.volumeup is exactly the command that is used for volume up.

Fast forward/rewind has not been implemented. I will make a note of it, thanks.

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