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MQA FLAG and the effects of Lack of supporting it in high res driver playback LG V60
So since the LG V60 got rid of MQA, the trick of handing off bypass of the entire word to the onboard ESS decoder for and avoiding the android resampler seems to be gone?         On my LG v40 with MQA flag.... messing with equalizer and other settings have no effect... telling me that all this is getting bypassed effectively and rendered entirely within the System on a chip within the ESS part.       But unfortunately with the LG V60... it seems it is subject to all the munge of the android OS and resampling, and the EQ and all the settings effect the sound just like any other android sound.   So its all going through the android stack :(   is there anyway to set the flags to force a direct mode in another way?   I really want to improve the sound of the V60 and make it true direct mode.

Thanks for any help in making the LG V60 sound as good as possible, without the MQA mechanism (bypass hack) available. 

Thanks so much for your awesome product and help over the years.   Pity the LG product is disintegrating rather than evolving :(.   I think this may be the last of my V disappointing :(

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