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Gapless over SMB
Hello--I tested out USB Audio Player out of curiosity this morning. I really like the interface. One thing, though--I couldn't get it to play gapless over SMB. The gap is small but there. I know it is not my NAS or network because Neutron plays the same files gaplessly from the same drive over the same network. Figured I'd ask if I was missing something as this looks like a really worthwhile player.

There is no difference in the ability for gapless playing whether you are playing from local folder or network. The only thing that could cause no gapless playback is that there is song length information in the file that is different than the actual length of the data in the file. We do not read the song length information, so any blank data at the end of the file is also played which could cause a gap. I don't see how anything else could cause it.

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