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playback failed to start
Hi, in the android version i can use the metronome, i switched to ipad, 
and if I activate the metronome, it says "playback failed to start"  and 
"could not find metronome samples!"  what to do ? how to solve? Thanks around.
I tried the metronome on my iPad Gen 8 and it work fine
1) Which iPad are you using?
2) Have all iPad updates been installed?
3) Since it sounds like you just started using AEMS you might first try un-installing and then reinstalling app.
4) If you make a Midi track, do the sound fonts play back okay?
yes I am quite new to all this... all kind of stupid questions...

ipad: 2018
updates on ipad done regularly: yes
midi: i installed a soundfont, after that midis play ok

are there other soundfonts, which one do you use?
maybe I have installed one without metronom support?

When loading a midi file I am asked:
virtual instrument output or midi output

if i choose virtual instrument, I can hear something, 
if I choose midi, I can´t.

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