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Connecting as a controller to BubbleUPNP
Hello there,

I've been using USB Audio Pro for several years now and it's great.  My set up has been locally stored music library on a SD card on my phone and the phone connected to a Chord usb DAC.
I'd like to try and stream my music library rather than storing all the files on my phone.
I have a music server on my NAS at home have installed BubbleUPNP server on the NAS and configured it for remote access.  On my phone I have Android BubbleUPNP and I can successfully connect to my music server remotely via Bubble UPNP.
What I'd like to do is use USB Audio Pro to control and play back the content.  So....
NAS Server > BubbleUPNPserver > Internet > Android BubbleUPNP > UAPP
Is this possible?
Alternatively, I believe BubbleUPNP should see UAPP as a renderer when this feature is activated in UAPP, but I can't seem to get this to work i.e. BubbleUPNP doesn't see UAPP.

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