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A Good Feature Suggestion!!
Here are 4 good feature suggestions:

1. Syncronized/Normal Lyrics - add support for .lrc files and lyrics tagged in the audio file. In the "song manu" in the bottom of the artwork will apeare an iocon that says "Lyrics" or "Synced Lyrics" when lyrics are detected. If you click on it the lyrics page will replace the artwork.

2. Remove all upcoming songs from the queue. The song you're listening to will be your last if you choose this option.

3. Make the UI more round and less box like. Nowdays people much prefer round edges over sharp ones. Also big bottons will help us navigate the app faster while using it "on-the-go".

4. A Favorite tab - A tab that shows your favorite artists/albums/songs will help us find all our favorite music faster!

All these features will be for benefit of us, the users who use the app daily. These feature will make using the app more plesent, it will help you get things faster and will help you orgenize your music.
If anything is unclear please ask!! I will explain.
I agree. I have lots of synced lrc lyrics for FLAC

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