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Bouncing tracks
Can you bounce, transfer or record existing tracks onto a new track? For example I often record two mono tracks from guitar via my USB interface, one from a mic (Mono1 input) and one from the pickup (Mono2 input), I am then able to record a richer sound from the instrument and blend the two sources. I could direct these 2 tracks to a new bus, but perhaps it would be more convenient to create a single track from the 2.

I could record a stereo track, but that would be more problematic to blend I think as each input would then have a separate stereo track.

Thanks for guidance.....
If you record in stereo then you'll have one stereo track.
What you can do is solo both tracks and the mix-down the project and import the mixed down file. I do not see any reason why you would want to do this, since track separation is much more powerful than having both combined. You could process both individual tracks differently (adjust individual volume etc.).

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