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A couple of newbie questions
So could somebody please tell me what is the correct step-by-step way to import soundfont file into the list of instruments for audio evolution?
Also is there a way to import audio drum pattern wav files so that they could be loaded similar to the drum sound packs that we can purchase within audio evolution?
So, inside the AudioEvolution folder is the SoundFonts folder and SamplePacks folder. You copy your .sf2 soundfont files into the SoundFonts folder and that's pretty much it. SoundFonts would appear in the instrument selection dialog.
For your own audio loops, please create a subfolder inside SamplePacks and copy your loop files in there. For the app to be able to fetch tempo and key, you would need to adhere to the naming scheme we use for our own sample packs. You can download the 'House - Free Pack' for example and see how the sample names are built up with _key name_bpm.wav, like Bass_F#_120bpm.wav.
Thank you @dwrae. Like everything else associated with this Daw, you answer is extremely quick, clear, and easy to use! I really appreciate all the high quality hard work you put in making AEMS so incredible, and hopefully everyone else does too!!!

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