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USB-C DAC/Amps Sampling Rate
Hi Forum,

I have a question. I own several USB-C Dac/Amps like the iBasso DC03, Keysion TC3.5 etc. and I have been testing them lately under different circumstances to see what they do and what I can actually use them for and what not.

When I tested them on my 2 PCs (Win 10 64-bit), all but one ran on 32bit/384kHz upsampling rate in Audirvana over WASAPI (the source was always a FLAC file, copied from the original CD and transferred to FLAC with the highest possible rate using EAC). Only the iBasso would actually run DSD, although at least one more stated that it could do DSD.

I run UAPP on two cellphones. One is a Xaomi Redmi Note 9S and UAPP plays 384kHz with the said FLAC files over the 3.5mm. The other one is a Nomu S10, that runs Android 6 and UAPP puts out the files at 192kHz over the 3.5mm.

When I use my USB-C DACs none of them runs more than 96kHz stable, some of them actually only run 88.2kHz, because suddenly they only support even upsampling rates.

So why is that? The USB-C DACs can run 384kHz under WIN10, UAPP can run 384kHz on one phone and 192 on the other (so it's not like the CPU is too slow or so), but together they only get 96 or 88.2 respectively.

Is there anything I am doing wrong? Is there a trick? I have tried a lots of different settings, but certainly not all possible combinations, so maybe you could point me to "the" thing that I am missing so far.

Thanks in advance ...

P.S.: And for those that wonder, why I don't just use the headphone jack, if it gives me 384kHz ... some headphones, IEMs etc. require a little more power and then the output of the cellphone doesn't allow the volume level I'd like to have. In these cases, the USB DAC/Amp provides the necessary amplification. I'd just like to have amplification without loss of quality.
I'd suggest contacting, since we cannot answer the question here and we require log files that may contain sensitive information.

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