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How To Trigger a Library Scan
Hi there.
I'm quite puzzled.  I had to pull my SD card to put a firmware file on it and when I reinsert it my library was empty.  The scan dialogue opened but now 2/3rd of my albums are missing. They're still on the card but not in any library view.  So this is a 2 part question:
  1. Under Settings > System  If auto scan on Startup is selected,  does the entire library get wiped and rescaned or does scan just run in the background to pick up changes?
  2. How can manually trigger a complete scan?  I've clicked every conceivable combo of Setting buttons and can't find a way to do it.  
I'd really like to understand the logic of how this works because everytime I remove my card and reinsert it everything get wiped out, but this does not happen with the shanling or hiby music apps
1) It runs in the background to pick up changes. However, if the SD card ID changed when re-inserting the card, it won't find the albums anymore
2) When you are in Library, Albums, press the top-right menu button, select Clear database and then rescan.
Thanks! I got it all back.

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