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Morphlt setting help
So I bought this Morphlt in addition to UAPP and tried to set earphone Shure SE846 black to target SE846 black but I didn't hear any different at all and I turn Morphlt ON/OFF and couldn't hear any different. Did I use it correctly?

Thank you
Which earphones do you have?
Shure SE846
Well, if you have SE846 and you tell it you want it to sound like SE846, then I'm guessing the app does nothing. The idea is to change what you have (SE846) to sound like something different (any other headphone/IEM that you choose). If you are wanting to eq the SE846 to a custom setting then Toneboosters PEQ is what you can use.
(08-08-2021, 12:54 AM)randy_c Wrote: Shure SE846


I also have Shure SE846 and I prefer setting:

Headphones type->Shure SE846 (black)

Terget Headphones type (top 3 favourites) -> Generic Studio Target Curve, Generic Harman IE Target curve, Generic Hifi Target Curve. In noisy environments recommended option is Generic Commute Target Curve.

Amount -> any value you prefer between 1 to 30%. Usually I use about 18-24%.

Gain -> always +0dB because additional software volume control decreases sound quality.

So I'll recommend tryin first setting with target heaphones type set to Generic Studio Target Curve and amount about 20%. If you prefer more bass heavy sound, try Generic Hifi Target Curve.

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