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Few basic futures are missing
Hi there guys/developers

I’ll mention few options that I miss when using Audio Evolution Studio ( iOS )

1: Tempo/signature change ( I hope to see that in the next update like it’s already present in Android v5)
2: Group regions ( select, copy, moving region locked in group together) 
    - Tap and hold a region (it become selected) select the rest of regions to include them in a group, tap on empty space - regions are locked in group.
   - Tap and hold on a group ( all regions become selected add or exclude a region from the group) tap on free space.
3: lock regions/groups in place ( any time I slide true arrangement window I move accidentally regions )
4:The fade ins/outs/clip volume for the region must be visible all the time - there’s no reason to be hidden, right !?
5: When midi region is selected you see only the selected region ( a box) …you don’t see the nots of that region anymore. If You have to stretch or split for example, it’s like you’re blind…you can see if the split is ok only when unselect the region.
6: Coloring the regions always make the work in the arrangement windows faster. It will help a lot if the colors of regions correspond to the colors of the tracks in the MIXER WINDOW and the ARRANGEMENT WINDOW too.
7: An option in setting is needed   ‘ region auto fade in/out ‘ , so we don’t have to do that manually with every audio clip we record.

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