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SMBv2 for LAN stream
Hi folks!
I'm fascinated by the sound quality I'm getting with UAPP. I have about 2TB of music on my Windows 10 desktop and I would like to access these music through SMBv2. Using SMBv1 is not an option as it is an outdated and insecure protocol (And I don't intend to enable it via Optional Features). I read here on this forum something about being difficult or complicated to configure for access via SMBv2 protocol but I have other apps that use this protocol and connectivity is fine, and its configuration is simple.
I have a Windows share and a dedicated user for this share, and this user has the necessary share and NTFS permissions for access and worked fine in others apps like Android File Manager.
As there is apparently no user manual for UAPP, I ask here what are the requirements so that the connection between UAPP and my computer can occur via the SMBv2 protocol?

Thank you all. 

In time:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 9 (no root, original rom);
Microsoft Windows 10 21H1 (build 19043.1237)
Is there someone from app tech support to answer this question here?
There are basically no requirements. Please just fill in the IP address, share name, username and password and that should be it.

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