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Hiby R5 can't access sd card from BubbleUPnP
Hello. I've installed USB Audio Player PRO on my Hiby R5. I would like to control it remotely using BubbleUPnP. Unfortunately I can't access the music on my R5's external SD card directly using BubbleUPnP. Bubbleupnp can pick up artists, albums, songs etc contained on the external SD card but not the music folders (for example classical, pop, jazz) on the SD card.

UAPP works fine on its own and picks up the sub folders on the R5's external SD card just fine. 

I've connected BubbleUPnP and support said that it is a UAPP issue because BubbleUPnP lists the file/folders that UAPP returns to the app. 

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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