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UAPP Showing as not compatible in Play Store on Pixel 6 Pro
(11-28-2021, 12:26 PM)dwrae Wrote:
(11-23-2021, 11:12 PM)docnok63 Wrote:
(11-17-2021, 07:04 PM)dwrae Wrote: Thanks. Communication is so slow that I never know if they halted communication or not.

I sent an email to your support, but attached is a log of the app crashing after I sideloaded it on my Pixel 6 Pro.  I hope this gets it going without waiting on a fix from Google.

It's pointless since we cannot fix this. It's a kernel issue that only Google can fix. Since they haven't replied, we don't expect a fix any time soon, if ever.

Hello! I flashed Pixel Experience 12 for my Mix2s and cant install UAPP(my phone is named Pixel 6 Pro and i dont know how to change it). What can i do to install UAPP ?
I'm afraid nothing. We won't provide apk's for this.

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