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Calling all Pixel 6 / 6 Pro users
As you might be aware, there's a kernel bug in the Pixel 6 series which prevents the audio driver used by UAPP, Tidal, and other apps from getting direct access to a USB DAC.  All audio gets resampled by Android, and in many cases, even the resampled audio sounds terrible, cuts out, has a screeching effect, etc.

I'm wondering if I can get this community's help to raise Google's awareness of this issue

1) Please star and comment on the buganizer threads here, here, and here (you can use the bell icon at the top to unsubscribe from the e-mails after you star, if you like)

2) Go to Settings on your phone --> Tips & Support on the bottom --> Send Feedback, and mention that your USB DAC doesn't work correctly, including system logs if you're comfortable with this

3) This takes a bit more time: also in Settings/Tips & Support, Contact Us, and raise this as a formal issue.  Insist that it's widely known (including some of the links in this post), and say you want to submit a bug report.  When it's time for bug report collection, you can sideload the trial version of UAPP here, and try to give it exclusive access to your DAC during report collection (it will fail).  Then send the report to Google

It might help for the developers of this app to raise their own buganizer thread including technical details

Unrelated: if you're also frustrated by LDAC 990 kbps playback failing on this device, see the buganizer threads here and here

More on the USB DAC issue in the links below.  Thanks for reading!

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