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Problem with Oppo A74, UAPP and external DACs
I just bought an Oppo A74 5G. The UAPP application installs correctly but it does not detect any of my external DACs: Tempotec Sonata, Tempotec Sonata Pro, Hidiz S9 Pro, Ibasso Dc3, Sabre ES, Apple USB-C

None detected. All OK on a LG G7 and a Xiaomi 5.

The Oppo  is a relatively new model. Could this be the problem? Still not full compatible with UAPP? Can I expect an update to fix this problem on this phone with the external DACs? Or is it a malfunction of my cell phone?

Thanks in advance
It is never so that UAPP is not compatible yet with a certain Android device for USB. This has never happened and can never happen since it's just a matter of the Android device supporting USB host or not.
What you need to look for is a setting in the Android settings app to enable 'USB storage' or 'OTG connection'.

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