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Hi Def audio via Wifi
Just was curious if anyone can enlighten me regarding the following?

I currently have a tidal subscription and have access to HiFi, Hi Res, and MQA quality streaming audio. I also am using the new Android Auto wireless dongle made by AAWireless to stream Tidal wirelessly to the vehicle which uses 5ghz WiFi. I recently downloaded and installed the USB audio player pro and the MQA plugin. Once i linked it to my tidal account I have been able to stream from tidal to the AAwireless dongle with the app. I just wanted to verify what I am seeing on the screen as far a kilohertz and bitrates are in fact what is being sent direct from my Samsung Note 20 5G, bypassing any down sampling by the Android software. These Android Auto wireless dongles are pretty new and gaining popularity. Very few vehicles are getting wireless android auto natively up to this point so this is a solution that works very well to have wireless android auto in older vehicles.

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