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Favorite Panel Sorting
First of all,
Thank you dev for listening and implementing features requested by the community!

Last time I was here I posted a feature request for a favorite panel.
Since then I was very glad to see it was included in the app.
Altough a favorite panel was included, unfotunatly it was never updated and was left without basic and important features.
I have treid to use the panel for a while but it was a bad expirence and so sadly I stopped using it.

In my mind there are few small yet much needed features that will save the favorite panel and make it a stronge feature
that will give UAPP 100 points in favore on other music apps! Biggrin

A. When you favorite Album Artists/Albums they will apear in the favorite panel in the order you favored them, the first one being the last Album Artist/Album you favored.
The problem is you will can't arange/sort them at all.
I wish for an option the sort to favored Album Artists by name (A-to-Z) and the option to sort Albums by year.
See Favored Album Artists not sorted:


See Favored Album not sorted:


B. When you click on an Album Artist in the favorite panel you will be directed the Albums page, Inside this page you can view album by the Album Artist you selected.

Unlike the usual Albums page where you can sort albums by year, name and so on, in the Favorites panel albums can't be sorted at all.
I wish for an option the sort albums inside Albums Artists page by year, name and so on.

See usual Album Artists Album panel sorted by year:


See favored Album Artists Album panel: (it is sorted by name and can't be sorted otherwise)


Thanks for reading,

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