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Track title metadata replaced with file name
When playing tracks I’ve added recently UAPP is displaying what appears to be the file name rather than the track title in metadata - I see the title prefaced by the track number. 
When I view the metadata in UAPP the title appears to be the file name (the title prefaced by the track number)
Tracks are scrobbling to with the track number in the title which is messing up my stats ?
When I view the metadata of the same file in Media Monkey or Picard the title is correct. 
Tracks I’ve added to UAPP in the past display with the correct title as per metadata. 

Any ideas what might be happening here?
This is for DSF files I suppose? If so, this is solved in upcoming version 6086.
Yes .dsf
Thanks for letting me know.
I’ve since realized my original post wasn’t entirely accurate.
It seems to be happening randomly and not just with new library additions.
But looks like you’re aware of this so I won’t add more info unless requested.

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