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How to use Android Virtual MIDI Ports?
I can't figure out how to access a MIDI Connector Virtual Port from anywhere I've been able to find yet. Huh This is a must-have feature for me.

Is this possible?

If no, will it likely be implemented soon?

More on what I'm talking about:
Got a reply via email, working now but with a caveat (see my reply after):

Thank you for contacting us. First of all, you would need to enable 'Use Android midi driver' in the app's USB midi settings and restart the app. Using our own USB midi system won't allow for Android midi at the same time.

With the Android midi driver active, you can choose real and virtual midi ports in the track's midi input dialog.

Oh crud, but that means losing your awesome USB DAC drivers though, right?

Oh well, I can also do some of what I want by finding some tiny USB hub that allows the DAC and MIDI device to both be attached via USB.

That'll work for one instrument, but unfortunately another only supports BLE (there is a cool app called MIDI Connector that will redirect a BLE MIDI to a virtual port; I didn't ask for BLE support directly as it seems like a circle of hell.)

Although perhaps my CME BLE MIDI to USB adapter will work for that/make it look like it's on USB.
It's kinda awkward, but attaching the CME WIDI Bud Pro dongle to the Android phone does make it appear to be a local MIDI device from the standpoint of the app.
Attaching the CME WIDI Bud Pro dongle to an Android phone makes it appear to be a local MIDI device from the perspective of the app.

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