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The ability to control the volume on your smartphone on the player volume screen.
On players like Poweramp and Neutron, I found volume controls on the screen with equalizers, regardless of whether a USB DAC is connected or playback is via a smartphone.
In UAPP, unfortunately, there is no volume control on the screen with the equalizer, if you try "hardware volume" then there will be a message that "the device has no controls" or something like that.
Although we can control the volume, if we press the "+" or "-" volume button, the Android volume panel will appear and it will be possible to manually adjust the volume there. But it forces you to press the hardware button on your smartphone.

It also lacks the ability to adjust the volume in the player when pressing the volume buttons in 1% increments, or even add the ability to adjust the adjustment step, this will make the volume selection much more convenient.

In Poweramp you can use their player's volume panel to adjust the volume in 1% increments or manually adjust it however you like with gestures, but this only works inside the player, if the player is minimized to the background then the volume will be adjusted in the same increments as set in Android.

Forgive me for mentioning other players here, but in this way it is easiest to describe the functionality that seemed convenient to me and which would be nice to see in UAPP. 
UAPP is excellent and has its advantages over competitors.

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