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Increase reading speed of tracks inside folders
Compared to other players that I have tried in terms of sound, UAPP is very good.
However, I was surprised at how my Poco X3 Pro with Snapdragon 860 reads the contents of folders.
I have albums of artists in flac format, and when I go to some folder, the opening can take from 0.5 to 2 seconds, if it is longer than 0.5, then most likely it will be quite noticeable.
Also, I used to have Realme 5 Pro and there I also noted such an experience.
Perhaps this is somehow connected with the fact that the player does not build a database of tracks to speed up its work, I can not know unfortunately.
Perhaps other users have a similar experience.
It would be great if the developers could somehow speed up the player in this area.
As you said, UAPP features a true file browser. Other apps just display a folders view of the database, which is something entirely different.

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