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Auto Split Threshold cannot be negative

I have been trying to use the Auto Split function to divide long recordings of my rehearsals however the when I try to change the "Threshold Parameter" I cannot insert a negative value.

The default value is -20dB and when I click on it it shows "2000" positive. I cannot get a minus sign in there.

I am normally using a keyboard app called swift keyboard but I have also tried with "gboard" which is the default of Google. I noticed when I click on the parameter on the pop up menu the screen switches to a full screen for writing a number and the keyboard. Same for both swift keyboard and gboard

I tried lastly attaching a usb keyboard which actually crashed the app at first just by attaching it. After I restart the app I select "Auto Split" and this time when I click on the parameter it does not go to another screen and allows me to write the value I want. (PS: The app crashed again when I removed the USB keyboard)

Thanks for the amazing work !

Dear Fahri,

Thank you for this bug report. We solved the issue and next release should roll out in the next days.

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