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UAPP plays low res for first minute
I have a weird problem with UAPP playback.

- Just purchased
- Pixel 3

When I play a Tidal (or Qobuz) track for exactly 1 minute it plays low res (don't know how else to describe it) and then at 1:01 it goes to what I assume is "normal". So it sounds like a poor recording for the first minute - then bammo - it sounds like what I would expect. I've tried both services, multiple tracks. They play just fine in the streaming services app. The problem is only with UAPP.

Originally I had this happen with the btr5, both wired and bluetooth. However, I can recreate the problem with the phone speaker. I uninstalled and re-installed - same problem.

Thanks in advance!
After 1 minute, MorphIt and the parametric EQ stop processing if not purchased. So if you have one of those enabled, then that it probably the cause.
Yup. Morphit. Played with them during the install originally and didn't realize they were still enabled. That's why I reinstalled but it remembered my "preferences". Thanks!

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