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Feature request - "Replace Clip - Ripple"
In DaVinci Resolve there is an option called Ripple Overwrite. The ripple overwrite tool is like combining normal overwrite with ripple delete. A new clip overwrites an existing clip, but if the new clip is longer or shorter, the timeline is either extended or the remaining gap is removed.

I'd love to see a similar option on AEMS. Suppose you record a singer or guitarist without any background beat or click track, improvising a solo before the final chord of a song. Different takes of that solo might be different lengths, so you couldn't comp into the fixed length punch in/out markers. If the original track for take 1 were split on either side of that solo to create a clip of it, the idea is to have the solo clip from take 2 take replace take 1, even if it ripples the following material's clip(s) to the left or to the right. Currently in AEMS you would have to ripple-cut the old solo clip and paste-insert the new one, which could lead to mistakes at the edit points. This way, you could replace an entire clip with another one regardless of length. Maybe you could call the action "replace clip-ripple." This option would allow for crossfading on either end of the new clip (ex., to cover the edit of a singer's held final note as the band comes back in).

If possible, I'd go a step further using a new set of markers to precisely locate the in and out points (one pair for the original take, at least one more pair for an alternative take if not more). In video editors like DaVinci or Premiere, this would be a four-point edit. A simple analogy would be the substitution of one word for one of another length in a Word or Google document, which automatically repositions all the following words.

Cheers, Josh

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