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USB audio recorder pro: inAp AudioEvolution vs standalone
Hi, new user here (but not to DAW  Shy),
as the title says, what makes the difference?
Greetings, horst
When you purchase USB Audio Recorder PRO and have it installed on the same device as the paid version of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Audio Evolution will detect it and it will function as if you would have done the USB audio in-app purchase inside the app.
It does not work the other way around: if you do the USB audio in-app purchase, you cannot download the separate app USB Audio Recorder PRO for free, since there is no mechanism on the Google Play Store to achieve that.
so, if I purchase as standalone I am on the more variable side despite I don't know the details.
I don't know what the benefit is, I will do as the price difference is not too big.
Though, so very slowly I have to accept, that android is not the best for that purpose, but apple remains worse.
When you purchase the stand-alone app, you will have a little more options should you sometimes just want to have a basic USB audio recording app.

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