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UAPP not freeing other apps to play on Nvidia Shield
Suddenly -- having made no changes to UAPP or anything else -- UAPP plays fine (playing streaming web radio stations) on my Nvidia Shield Android TV box, which I use with a USB DAC (the RME ADI-2), but I suddenly now get no sound from any of the other apps installed on the Shield, and none of the other apps installed on a USB drive that's plugged into the Shield.

Last night at bedtime, when I turned off the Shield, the TV and the DAC, audio was fine on all apps.  When I turned the system on today, I get sound only on the UAPP app, but no other apps.  Again, I made no settings changes.

I have UAPP set to activate my DAC at startup of the Shield & TV.  Everything goes through the DAC at all times.

What could have caused this?  Right now I can't watch any of the streaming services because I'm getting no sound.

Thanks for any suggestions.
sound like a nice high-end setup. I wonder how well it would work HDMI output to TV and use the optical out on the TV to the DAC. maybe not the perfect solution. 

for myself, just background classical music, I just want gapless, that is hard to do using a TV app. hopefully I can get this to work if I buy a Shield.

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