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Best large screen android device for AEM
Hi all,

Since USB C the list of AEM compatible android devices is no longer maintained I believe. The crunch being that USB C devices are almost all AEM compatible, so I read somewhere.

I would like to upgrade my ancient 10" screen ASUS Android tablet to a new tablet with a large screen but don't want to run the risk it is not compatible with AEM.

Anyone using a modern, large screen (10" or greater) Android tablet successfully with AEM?

I am also interested in this answer.  I have been testing with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, which is about a 10.5" screen, running Android 14. It has 4GB memory.

I only am testing recording from a Behringer Flow-8.  The Samsung is not very fast and it took awhile to find settings that would work.  With most settings, the recordings were quite distorted.  But the "Optimize CPU" setting worked on this tablet, and it seems to record 6 tracks reliably without using any effects.  I would like to find something greater than 12" that is a lot faster.

One thing I have noticed in my testing is that when recording long programs, the app freezes at the instant that I hit the STOP button on the transport in AEMS.  At first, I thought this was permanently stuck, but with further testing, I find that the program eventually comes back to life.  Clearly, there is some kind of processing that happens when you stop the recording.  And if it is a large recording (1-2 hours), it may take 5-10 minutes before AEMS catches up and begins responding again. 

Has anybody else seen this?  If that behavior is not avoidable, it would be nice if it could at least show a progress bar or some indication that the user needs to be patient.
I moved additional observations about my setup and testing to a new thread because it was somewhat off-topic.  The question of this topic is larger tablets that work with AEM.  My Samsung S8 at 10.5" definitely works, at least for multi-track recording.

Here is the other info:

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