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Importing project 'problems'
Note - these 'problems' are no biggies, would be just nice to see a pop up box showing the workaround.

I have bought the Galaxy Tab S7 as you were using that too. It is still running Android 11.

Transferring my projects now from Asus TF700 running Android 6. Easily copied the project files to a memory stick straight from the Android data directory.

Installed AEM 5315 on the S7 and went to the Settings tab to change the AEM project home directory... Only then I realised Google has blocked access to the AEM app home directory. What a pain they are.

'Problem 1' - Doesn't show the BROWSE object in the bottom right corner (after a while I figured out why that is). It would be nice to have a note on that page to say that the home directory change is now superseded by the 'Import/Export portal'.

'Problem 2' - Created the portal as per AEM popup documentation in app. New portal folder shows up nested within a portal folder with the same name.

'Problem 3' - Imported a 2GB project. Popup progress box shows but no progress bar visible. Box just disappears when project has been copied. Copy time was about 20 seconds, so was expecting a progress bar to appear in the box.

'Problem 4' - This is a more important one, for me anyway. Opening my project on the Tab S7, all my time markers had reverted back to numbers. On my Asus TF700 I had given all my markers names. Turns out that project settings don't get copied. Go to settings and tick appropriate box, et voilla.

Still transferring projects, if anything else comes to light, I will let you know.

Thanks for such a great product

Just a note that in case you have access to a PC, you can also copy the projects to Android/data/com.extreamsd.aemobile/file/AudioEvolution/Projects.

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