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Feature request: streamlined ripple cut mode
Asked in audiobus forum but this seems a better place to put the request.

Option in settings to set ‘ripple edit mode’ to minimise taps when working with long audio clips. Dream scenario: Settings-> ripple edit mode set. First tap: splits region at time 1. Second tap: splits region at time 2, autoselects section between t1 and t2, ripple cut selection, joins split regions. All undoable. This would dramatically speed up working on long audio clips where there’s a lot to remove (silences, coughs, mouth noises, external noises, fluffed lines etc).

Option to group tracks to be affected by ‘split’ button (eg when editing two or more tracks of synced audio, like when recording an interview or discussion) so that the grouped tracks would all split and ripple cut together, while the user only has to work on one track to affect all in the group, while unrelated audio is unaffected.

If something like this was implemented, working on long form audio with multiple tedious cuts would become a breeze, with minimal gesturing and efficient flow.
It would be nice (can’t tell if it’s only me into this idea but anyway, here goes…) if the function worked regardless of whether t1<t2 or t1>t2, ie if you do the splits left-right or right-left on the timeline, the bit that gets cut is the bit between the splits.

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