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Can't scan parent folder, only children

I'm a noob to this app (looks good so far, great with my DAC dongle). The problem I have is that I've got loads of music on a micro-SD card. The music is organized into a parent folder and then each artist as a child folder, with grandchild folders for their albums. On my phone (old Samsung one running Android 11) the app won't scan the top-level parent folder, only the child ones. This might be because of some security setting somewhere in the phone, not sure. 

Has anyone run into this problem before? Is there a workaround? I don't want to have to scan each child folder individually, it will take ages.

I got the answer from support, but will post it here in case anyone else needs it. Since Android 11, top-level folders can't be scanned, only level 2 and below. So you need to create a new second-level folder and set up the folders on your SD card like this:

<my existing top level>
... <new second level>
... ...<music>

And then set the app to scan <new second level>.

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