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Waveform zoom
More zoom magnification in the arranger view would be helpful, especially when working on phone… also, it would be nice to be able to zoom into the waveform on an x-y control, so you could quickly scale the range and domain independently.

Edit: just to clarify, I’m thinking something like a small button on the far right hand side of the scrollpad. Push button with right thumb, hold down, swipe up and right to zoom in, down and left to zoom out, etc etc. I guess the button could float (like the buttons in xrecorder for android) as a positional preference thing.

On the topic, it would also be nice if one could zoom out to at least the extent of the scrollpad view, and even a bit further.

I get that these suggestions are formed from my own erratic, disordered workflow but I bet I’m not the only one… or am I? ?
You can zoom down to the sample level in the arranger screen. Having buttons for zoom is applicable to desktop, but very uncommon on mobile.
Yes you’re right, it’s not a zoom control, I cross checked with Auria… there’s a slider that adjusts the visual dB reference of the waveform image only, ranging from 0 (flatline) to +20db (visually amplified)… no change is effected on the audio. Couldn’t find a reference to the slider in the manual so not sure what it’s called. Reference pics attached- waveform in AEMS, same waveform (with some snips) in Auria, and with slider adjusted in Auria.

And the zoom control I’m after is more zoom out… attached is pic showing max zoom out of approx 30mins audio in Auria, timeline maxes out at about 700mins, not yet possible in AEMS (although I often find myself at the zoom out limit in AEMS). The scrollpad is a help here but it feels very natural to zoom out to fully view project in arranger mode. You could argue I need to learn new habits on new software, sure, but anyway that’s the feature request.

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