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Midi routing between tracks
Midi routing between tracks - for example, allowing pure acid on track 1 to communicate drums to hammerhead on tr 2 and bass to synths A&B on trs 3 & 4 (or whatever…)

I know this can be done with midi tracks, but it’s so elegant in AUM, something like that would be great, at least over on ios.

Not sure if this is planned in or not, but want to put it on the wishlist sooner than later. That’s it.
+1, it would be pretty cool to send MIDI from one track to another, for instance for layering instruments.
Yeah man, I am absolutely thinking drambo hosted in aems as the sequencer-to-multitrack of choice… all those options, omg… there, I said it…

With aems note and channel filters, cc param setting… would be so sweet

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