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Future Request: Record sounds with effects applied
I would like to record vocals and other sounds with effects applied, and if the FX grid could be set to pre-track and post-track, and the arm button could be used to turn on/off the pre-track effects chain, it would save cpu power waste.
That would be the wrong way to use these kinds of apps. If you want to save CPU power, you can freeze the track and retaining the possibility to unfreeze at all times.
Thanks for your reply.

I usually use a DAW similar to Ableton Live called Loopy Pro on an iPad mini 6. I record guitars and bass with 4 AUV3 effects on, while playing back 8 tracks, and the CPU usage is only about 25%. So I don’t need to freeze at all.

I know it is a challenge to make it compatible with all devices including android, but the evolution of CPUs these days is tremendous, so I would like to request that you consider developing it again. (Sorry, my poor English)
If you want to hear the input signal with effects applied, you need to enable 'Software monitoring' in the app's settings. Perhaps I misunderstood your question.
Thanks anyway.

I've looked at other DAW apps, but the historical ones don't seem to be able to record over auv3 effects the same way AEMS does; Loopy Pro is a young app, less than 2 years old at launch, so I guess it can do that.

I decided to use Loopy Pro for sketching and recording songs and AEMS mainly for editing. I have tried many different DAW apps and found your AEMS to be the most well made.

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