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Tidal alphabetical search in first access
Everytime I search for my favorite artists from tidal mode in uapp, I always have to scroll down to a to z which takes 10~30 drag up with finger to be able to get alphabetical access from scroll bar at right side of the screen. 
Once alphabets appear in right side, it’s much east to search for so many artists(more than multi hundreds) but I have to repeat this action whenever I open uapp or select my artists in tidal mode and this takes me more than 20 seconds.
I suggest there can be auto (first) scroll button in my artist screen on top which performs the same action that I do drag-up with my finger. Than We will be able to get alphabetical access for scroll right after we enter ‘my artists’ in tidal mode.
Is there anyone who feels the inconvenience I have felt and have similar idea or opinion? Or another solution for this?

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