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Sony Xperia 10 IV - Can't use HiRes audio driver
I'm unable to enable the Xperia HiRes driver for playback, when I enable it it warns me with a warning:

Quote:You have changed the 'Internal Audio Driver' settings manually. However, your device has no known configuration for a direct HiRes audio path and may not even have a HiRes DAC. Although the app may display 'Direct', there is no guarantee that the app will play in HiRes live mode. Please contact support at if you have questions about whether your DAC features a HiRes DAC and how to obtain one.

How can I confirm it's working as intended? Is this model supported?

Thanks for the help.
Please enable the HiRes driver manually (first item in the app's settings) and then enable the 32-bit format in the HiRes driver format. Then turn off Dolby in the Android settings. Using this combination, the Sony should play in the highest quality.

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